Who we are

AST is a team of educators and business people; technologists; developers; thinkers; dreamers, and collaborators. A mixed bag of creative and professional people who share one common ideal – we believe that we can change the world by improving the way education happens.

And so we try.


What we believe

People are paramount

We believe that every individual in our team is a potential game changer, and has a contribution to make. Their value is deeper than the job that they do. We encourage our team members to take ownership of their role, give feedback, originate ideas, and share their experiences and opinions.

We believe that educators are the stewards of the hopes and futures of our youth, and when we help them do what they do better, we become part of the team that builds a better tomorrow.

We believe that every student is a natural learner with the potential to make a valuable contribution to our collective future.

Education is the key to unlocking their potential and realising that contribution.

Education needs a paradigm shift

We believe that the process of education must be improved.

The techniques and practices that we have depended on are becoming irrelevant in the face of modern curriculums and changing societies. Innovation is disrupting everything, and educators need a better way of preparing their students for the world of tomorrow.

Technology is a great enabler

Technology has truly democratised access to knowledge and information, affecting the way we communicate and collaborate. We live in an unprecedented age where knowledge is transmitted at the speed of light. This enables advances in every field of human endeavour, and revolutionises and improves nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

We believe that technology can and will deliver the same outcomes for education.


Our vision

Our vision is to be a catalyst for profound and positive change in education.

We have committed to the TVET sector as we believe that the requirement is greatest here.

Our vision will be achieved through innovation and by expanding the range and reach of our products and services to help make lecturers ever more effective at what they do.

At the same time we strive to extend academic support directly to TVET students outside of the classroom environment, and in future, even off-campus.

Technology and collaboration makes all of this possible.

We have a plethora of ideas and plans based on our current experience, and are committed to developing dynamic products that are, an exact fit for the South African TVET sector.

Every College that chooses to partner with us is helping us to make this vision a reality.

AST is also pro-actively seeking partnerships from industry stakeholders to join us in making the next version of learning happen in our Colleges and preparing our youth for tomorrow.