Educational approach


Tutor content is developed to support a structured approach to presentation of learning material:

  1. Proper concept theory
  2. Proper application of methods and techniques
  3. Repetition to reinforce proper application
  4. Validation of learning with immediate feedback
  5. Tips and tricks to support




Extensive use is made of neuroscientific principles in the instructional design with emphasis on:

  • sensory appeal
  • attention activation
  • motivation
  • working memory utility
  • student confidence





Tutor lessons are audio-visual experiences which incorporate  colour, motion and sound to enhance the learning experience.

Tutor lessons are fully interactive, featuring:

  • Playback controls
  • Key-point pauses after each section
  • Group quizzes
  • Activities

Tutor content is designed and structured according to current curriculum guidelines and is constantly being expanded and upgraded based on user feedback.






Tutor requires no internet or network access in order to work, making Tutor simple to deploy and easy to use inside standard classroom environmentsd on a standalone basis using only a:

  • Notebook computer
  • Data projector
  • Projector screen or whiteboard
  • Amplified speakers




Tutor has a purpose built SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS) allowing powerful data aggregation, management and reporting capabilities, particularly over networked deployments.

Optimum use of this feature requires an existing network and server installed at either a campus or College level.