More supported

Lecturers immediately experience benefits by having a library of dynamic model lessons, relevant practice activities and interactive group quizzes available at their fingertips to energise and support lesson delivery right inside the classroom.

More relaxed

They save valuable time on lesson preparation, content creation and presentation, relieving time-stress and gaining expanded opportunities to engage students.

More effective

They maximize student attention and rapidly cover more content in the same time allocation.

More adaptable

With the ability to jump from one lesson to any related content, or even visit remedial lessons at any time, lecturers are given unprecedented power to address existing critical student knowledge gaps as they are revealed without falling behind on current curriculum lesson delivery.

More confident

Having access to structured model lessons can support own professional development, and stimulate a deeper understanding of the content. An increased focus on students develops facilitation and mentoring skills.

Tutor dramatically enhances any lecturers’ presentation capabilities.

Stand-in lecturers are also given a valuable tool with which to support their colleagues, even outside of their own subject expertise.